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1. Introducing a virtual reality experience for divers, allowing them to explore underwater environments from the comfort of their own home.

2. Adding a ‘Dive Buddy’ feature, allowing divers to connect and communicate with each other.

3. Developing a ‘Dive Log’ feature that allows divers to track their dives and share their experiences with other divers.

4. Implementing a ‘Dive Gear Reviews’ section that allows divers to review and rate different pieces of dive gear.

5. Creating a ‘Dive Locations’ section that provides detailed information about dive sites around the world.

6. Introducing a ‘Dive Planning’ feature that helps divers plan their dives, manage their dive gear, and book their travel.

7. Adding an online store that sells dive gear, apparel, and accessories.

8. Developing a ‘Dive Safety’ section that provides safety tips and resources for divers.

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